Did He Kill the Vacuum?

I just paid to have the Hoover repaired (new belt) and this morning, I smelled burning as Ron was vacuuming.

Turns out, there was a cord stuck in the roller, and Ron was oblivious to any sign of trouble: loud noise, burning smell and worst of all, smoke.

Most of our plants survived yesterday’s big winds. Stupidly, I forgot to anchor the tomatoes, and we lost a couple of big branches with flowers. I was able to tie up around seven others. Glad to have the extra ones from Jen’s farm.

We have lots of squash flowers. The St. Johnswort and Potentilla are blooming, too. Nice to see the bright yellows.

I made some stovetop biscuits this morning, a green salad yesterday. Made some good oatmeal/cranberry/walnut cookies and tapioca as well. A small lasagna’s in the oven now.

We are recovering from Ron’s unexpected draws on the joint account so are trying to keep from spending until this Wednesday. Thus, my from-scratch desserts and baking.