Farmwork, Antebellum, Danforth, Lunch at Capt Scott, Election Results

Picked kale, turnips and carrots at the farm on Tuesday morning.

Rented “Antebellum”.

Yesterday, I did a fine walk with BLT at the Danforth Conservation Area. Went to Captain Scott’s for lunch with Geri and Free, then to Stop & Shop.

The Cape Republican delegation lost two seats, including Will Crocker’s.

Disappointed that Mashpee voted down a 2% property surcharge for water infrastructure investments by only 4 votes.

In Florida, Trump was successful among LatinX voters because of fake fear-mongering that the Democrats want a socialist government and a belief that Biden was more invested in stopping COVID19 than in encouraging business growth.

Trump supporters want the US to remain White and misogynist. When asked why Trump, they will offer two excuses, abortion and their 401(k)s, as “cover” for their racism and sexism.

In a way, Trump has done us all a favor by blasting to smithereens the American myth that success comes from hard work and playing by the rules. It all comes down to luck: being born good-looking and to a favored social and ethnic group.

Andrew Yang’s proposal for a minimum guaranteed income makes the most sense of any policy thrown out in this entire campaign.