Weekend; Filter

Yesterday, Ron did a fair amount of tree work next to the driveway. He’ll cut up the branches. I loaded the truck for Emma’s sheep. Did the MTR standout in the morning.

We’ve been enjoying the rowing machine.

This morning Rondromat did laundry and we changed sheets. I cooked poached eggs with sauteed vegetables and made another attempt at cleaning the oven from the mishap the other day when I burned my hand and spilled a sheet of roasted vegetables. It would be nice to rent a steam cleaner (Home Depot) for the stove.

Changed the water pitcher filter a couple of days ago.

I dropped the leaves off at Emma’s and had a nice visit afterwards with G and Free. G made my day by serving prosecco, which I’d been craving since hearing about a party to which I’d not been invited.

Picked up a few groceries at Stop & Shop.