Another 10,000; Blood

Yesterday I walked over 3 miles. We did the falutin’ walk in the late evening; it was almost dark by the time we got back. I was dripping from the heat and humidity.

This morning I moved the four pieces of leftover ceiling tile to the attic and weighted them down with a trunk in the hope of straightening them out. Also increased the temperature setting to 90 on the attic window fan. Found some insulation to fill in the area near the drain pipe in the basement.

I got to drive Robert home from work three times this week.

Had a 40 percent off coupon at CVS and splurged yesterday on an oximeter. The refund for the one I’d ordered from China back in May more than covered the cost.

Prepared and mailed Betsy’s package at UPS. Their service is far superior to that at the Mashpee post office.

We donated blood this past Tuesday. It was a busy day with CSA in the afternoon and chauffering. Took it easy yesterday, watched TV for part of it, did a small shop after dropping Robert off.

Been hot this week, hand watering has been essential for anything not planted in the ground.