A Lot

After 18+ years of living with it, I raked out the flotsam and jetsam under the bulkhead stairs while Ron supervised. Although I’d warned him to back off, he was standing behind me at such close quarters that I clunked him between the eyes by mistake.

Did two loads of laundry, hung the whites out to dry.

Using a graham cracker crust that Ron bought a while back, made a lime pie. Picked up a 10 pound bag of sugar for the hummers at Stop & Shop; Shaw’s was out the other day.

Ron cut out the gigantic sassafras root that I unearthed yesterday. It does smell like root beer.

Dropped off the Q1 property tax payment at Town Hall.

Trimmed the bushes by the front steps. Picked up more cedar mulch at Mahoney’s. Watered the flower boxes in the nick of time.

Added veg broth, rice and provolone to leftover Sabzi for lunch. Made a big salad for supper.

Ron moved and cleaned the bird bath and leveled it with sand.

Misfits box arrived, somewhat of a disappointment. Cancelled next week’s, boring stuff.