Just Missed the Rain

We had several errands in Falmouth: CSA, med at Walmart, old (2016) paint to be mixed at Aubuchon. Ron also had eye drops to pick up at Stop & Shop.

I spent most of the morning on financial things, like balancing the joint account checkbook, which I’d flubbed, and gaining a better understanding of the benefits offered by my health insurance plan.

I’d forgotten that I also wanted to mow. It started raining when we were in Falmouth, and Ron hoped that it would get to Mashpee. Eventually, it certainly did: it was pouring for a while.

Fortunately, I was able to mow the whole lawn, front, back and left side, before the rain started in earnest here.

Ron finished sanding around the shower rod holder wall hardware.

I picked strawberries and rhubarb this morning for sauce. Ron picked a pint of raspberries at Pariah Dog.

Oh, I found the FIXD! They insist on my returning the extra, which I am happy to do.