Three Visits With Friends; Eye Exam

The robins fledged a few days ago. We see at least one of them in the yard.

The milkweed is blooming, which seems to please the bees and at least one hummingbird, but no monarchs. Maybe still too early.

The larkspur is in bloom and daylilies are starting. Squash, tomatoes, kale, lettuce and cukes are holding their own.

I’m hoping that the slug infestation is under control with Sluggo.

Friday we picked up Geri and Free for a visit here. Saturday I got together with Cindy and Cathy for lunch at Clarke’s. Yesterday we had a nice long visit with Emma at her house: had wine and snacks, toured her gardens, admired her chickens, newly sheered sheep and new roof and walked around the bog.

Ron has been busy remounting the shower curtain rod. Good thing the outdoor one is working! I did the transfer station run this morning. Eye exam this afternoon, results were normal for an old person.