Dentist; Baby Robins

In spite of waking up ungodly early and a poor night’s sleep, I kept a dental cleaning appointment yesterday and glad I did, got a good review from the doc.

Found a pile of greens in the downstairs frig that turned out to be a bunch of beets and garlic scapes. Made a very respectable dish that we both enjoyed, using the carmelized onions from the prior evening.

After the news, we had a fine walk from the Community Park to Mashpee Pond and Attaquin Beach. Ron enjoyed seeing the cranes.

I’m still fighting the slug wars, especially in the corner garden.

Ron is off to an appointment this morning to check his eye pressure. I transferred funds to the Coop for July HELOC.

The baby robins are clearly visible. Can see them from the living room window. Hope they haven’t been abandoned.