Father’s Day; Strange Dream; Slug Fail

Made burgers last night with the last package of superfood power blend with carmelized onions and avocado/sour cream dressing accompaniments; excellent recipe.

Put down Sluggo; pulled off four slugs that were devouring the daisies this morning: fail.

Dreamed that a crooked salesman charged me $950 ($300/day, what?) for a truck tire, but Elizabeth Warren was at their company party and put it right.

Peter sent a gift certificate and Father’s Day greetings!

Tom tried to fix the outdoor shower leak. He thinks the brass valve needs to be replaced.

Ron did yeoman’s duty yesterday, transfer station run and mowed the back. He’s been irrigating the grass as well.

I spread a bag of mulch.

Flower seedlings have started in the old garden. Finally found the tiny packet of Cowslip seeds.

After 60 Minutes, we fit our walk in before sunset last evening. Nice to take advantage of the longest days.