Truck, Frig

Cormier’s had a no-show yesterday so they were able to diagnose the power steering problem. Ron was right, it was a bad belt.

I’m not happy that this wasn’t spotted by the two garages that have been working on the truck for the past couple of weeks.

Last evening after the News Hour, we enjoyed a nice walk through a couple of neighborhoods off Old Barnstable. From time to time, we see cool vehicles on our walks, and yesterday, it was an antique Chevy truck!

The Misfits box arrived, a mess but salvageable.

I made a quiche from Misfits Swiss chard and mushrooms, onions, Swiss and cheddar cheese. Strawberries from James’ patch for dessert.

I vacuumed, dusted and cleaned behind and under the frig yesterday and emptied the water reservoir.

Booked an eye exam and am hopeful that we’ll see our electrician and plumbers today to help with summer house tasks.