Tomatoes. Primroses.

Ron was off early to return the second set of unneeded ceiling tiles to Home Depot. I’m happy to not have them in the way.

We have tomatoes on the plants from Jeny.

I did more edging this morning.

Planted six plants from the discount nursery in the corner garden the other day. Bought summer plants for the window boxes, waiting for the pansies to be done. They are hanging in there!

Picked up mulch from Mahoney’s.

Earlier this week, I dug up a lot of violets from the oldest garden and seeded with a pack of flowers that like dappled sun. We’ll see.

Ron and I walked to the Audubon sanctuary last night. Three miles total for each of us for the day; Ron did a little more.

Strawberries are bright red but still not ripe, or at least not sweet, even from the CSA.