Ron Gets Points

…and I am an idiot.

I noticed that cold air from the new a/c was pouring into the basement. I closed two registers and was sure we had a third behind drywall.

Ron good-naturedly detached the drywall, but all we found was a random piece of plastic pipe, no register.

He reattached it today. It was heavy and not easy to do. We started working on it last night and gave up because we were both tired.

My excuse was that I made two pies yesterday, a spinach quiche and a strawberry/rhubarb, with produce from our gardens.

We did a fine walk afterwards at John’s Pond Estates.

Today I did the transfer station run and took a walk through Popponesett.

Was pleased that our young friend at the transfer station still wants to join the police. He seems to agree with me that those who are complaining about public perceptions should be good cops rather than leave the profession.

I also did a lavish shop at the Waquoit discount nursery.

We really must send a (college) graduation gift to Ron’s cousin! This slipped by both of us; ouch.