Got the two tomatoes, marigolds, kale bundle and Sweet Annie in the ground and watered yesterday.

Also transplanted a big daylily clump to the corner garden. There seem to be sets of threes, by coincidence.

Did laundry, changed sheets. Ron put the spare tire on the van.

Today, I rethought the position of the daylily and rotated it about a quarter turn.

I also brought the hibiscus upstairs and on the deck. It was easier than I thought it would be. Unplugged the grow light and put the zuke seedlings outside as well.

Ron drove to Falmouth to get his tire fixed, but all the tire shops were closed.

Beans are planted. Ron attached the wood trellis to rebar. I planted all of the seeds in both strawberry patches. They should sprout in a week or so.

Made chili.

After a couple of false starts, we set up Ron’s tuner and speakers in the living room so we can listen to radio.

It feels like late spring today.