I’ve lost 22 pounds since coronapocalypse began in earnest, early March.

It was relatively easy for the first month, but by week 10, it was getting harder, and now in week 11, I’m hungry almost all the time.

I’ve kept to a calorie count of around 1200 per day, sometimes less. NOOM recommends restricting what they call “red” foods, which includes oils and nuts, which is actually more difficult than calorie counting alone, especially being veg.

According to the NIH, I “should” lose another 21 pounds to have a “healthy” BMI, and that’s at the top of the range. I’m not sure that kind of sustained weight loss is realistic.

I started this because I don’t want to put unnecessary strain on my STAR ankle replacement. Over time, it’s become part of not feeling unworthy and less than everyone else. I have a new goal, to stop worrying about what other people think of me. I’m trying to forgive myself for past errors and embarrassments.

Ron and I have been walking between a mile and a half and two miles a day. The walks have given us an incentive to explore the many Upper Cape conservation areas, both public and private.