Rain, NOOM Group, Errands

Ron paid a visit to his fellow GMC fan today and brought back fantastic bread.

I did a shop during what was supposed to be “Senior Time” and of course, the store was mobbed, including at least one malodorous person who probably infected the rest of us.

I stopped in to CVS which was not useful, but Roche had toilet paper, eggs and yogurt, all of which was either missing or in short supply at Stop & Shop.

Filled up at S&S gas: $2.19 a gallon, chose not to use our points.

Transferred the Weedman account to Peter. Sort of a house-warming gift.

I’m in a NOOM group. Seem like a friendly bunch.

Baked a spaghetti squash. Killer with the basil pesto Ron picked up the other day.

Made a pantry “fazoo” with garbanzo beans, tomatoes, rosemary.