Sunday: We Earned Our Keep

While Ron worked on the laundry, I removed insulation that had gotten moldy from a long-ago commode overflow: finally.

Ron finished the job by sealing up a gap between the wall and the septic pipe and stuffing in more insulation.

We also cleaned the bathroom sink drain.

Yesterday, did some banking, got gas and returned the smoke/CO battery-operated detectors to Aubuchon in Marstons Mills. While I was there, picked up Chef Sigumund’s clam chowder. It was good but pricey, and not as good as the West Barnstable Old Country Store’s. Served it with leftover Moto salad for lunch/supper.

Opened a savings account and ordered more checks for the joint account online with Rockland.

Fixed a ridiculous string variable error in MRS.

Ron misplaced his glasses; I found them today on the table by the front door.

Cindy dropped off the blankets on her way off Cape. The smoke/CO sensors arrived from Amazon and I hope everyone is okay with them. I checked employee opinion of the company at that warehouse (Teterboro, NJ), and it’s actually pretty positive.

Working on laundry and changing sheets.

Made a big salad for lunch but I used too much red wine vinegar in the dressing and if that didn’t make it bitter enough, added raw cranberries. Ron said the acetic acid is good for us, a consolation, indeed.