Transfer Station, Moto Pizza

Yesterday, Peter and I loaded the truck. He wasn’t feeling great, recovering from the prior days’ medical procedures, so Ron and I did the transfer station run.

Ron and I dropped in to the Barnstable Senior Center for a veg soup luncheon and signed up for membership at the center and the mailing list for the soup group.

We picked up batteries and CO detectors for the Fire Department inspection today at Edgewater. Peter had managed to get their combo detector off the ceiling, but the unit was stuck to the base. I was able to pry it apart with a putty knife and Ron loaded it with batteries and tested it this morning. He’ll bring it to Edgewater later with a check.

Ron treated us to pizza, salad and deep fried pickles from Moto Pizza/Falmouth. Enough for at least two meals, maybe three.

I uploaded some schedule page revisions to MRS.