P&S; Closing Date!

We signed the P&S yesterday. Closing is March 6. We liked P&B’s lawyer, he seems to have everything under control.

Ron drove by the beach at my request. It was very windy and the surf was up, about as much as it gets around here anyway.

Peter reported today that the bank is waiving an appraisal, relying instead on a Fannie Mae database of home values. This is a new thing, started in 2017.

I did two standouts today, one at Move to Remove and one at the Mashpee rotary. I was thoroughly disgusted by the progressives who gave me a ration about borrowing their crummy signs (I ended up taking none, made my own) but guess what, my Republicans were gracious and warm.

Go *ing figure.

I started the second standout a little before 1:00 with signs that were so ambiguous, the Trumpists liked them. I was inundated before long. So, I went home, made a new sign and stood on the opposite side of the Commons.

It was nice to be outside and though it was pretty blowy, the sun was out and I was quite comfortable.

Between standouts, I stopped at RiteAid in Falmouth for bargains. The store is being converted to a Walgreen’s and this was, literally, the last day for markdowns, some as much as 70%. I found a fine 50th birthday card for Bonnie and mailed it at the East Falmouth post office on the way home.

Ron made me a grilled cheese sandwich and heated up some soup for lunch. I filled out an online application for the fire department to inspect the smoke alarms at Edgewater.

We crashed early; then I remembered that I’d left my white folding chair at the rotary.

It was a little before 8 pm, so I threw a coat over my pajamas and retrieved the chair; it was still there, five hours later. That’s my Republicans, for you! I love those people.