Wompanoag Thanks Giving

We spent most of yesterday at the service and feast hosted by the Tribe.

Ron picked up and dropped off cider and cranberry juice at the Government Center for the potluck, then picked me up at the house. Incredibly, we got to the Meeting House in time. Saw a few friends and acquaintances.

The feast was even better than last year’s: corn and quahog chowders, venison stew, oysters, a good variety of vegetables (potatoes, squash, beans, parsnip), blueberry slump and Indian pudding. I brought home a couple slices of quick bread and a cookie. We shared a table with Lynn from the Introverts and a very pleasant woman named Maureen from Falmouth.

Ron entertained the princess with a “food joke” about π, cake and ².

Afterwards, we picked up a bucket of trash in our neighborhood. Got to see a couple of our neighbors along the way. Ron sorted through the recyclables and redeemables.