It’s been raining, which I hope is good for the trees that I transplanted (Kousa and Japanese Maple). Hope they don’t “drown”.

Refund from Vanity Fair renewal cancellation finally cleared PayPal, should be in our account tomorrow.

Ron paid the final bill from Credo, around $36. Much lower than I was expecting; thank goodness.

Ron chopped down a bunch of Russian olive trees yesterday and didn’t realize how big a project it was going to be.

I did some pruning yesterday. Raining now.

Very hard to get myself motivated to study for MSFT exam. I’ve become so accustomed to the insanity of current events, I’ve lost the hunger for logic and order.

Ron bought a couple of dry soup mix packages, so we’re making vegetable broth: carrots, celery; green onions, tomatoes and herbs from the gardens. If my broth isn’t good, it’ll at least be better than plain water, and I can always supplement with one of the broth packages on hand.