Election; Interview

Happy the Selectman election is over. A good candidate won; not our choice, but a good person nonetheless.

Peter ‘s been dealing with an infected jaw, result of a broken tooth. He’s been taking antibiotics, has appointment with an oral surgeon tomorrow.

Interview went poorly and don’t care; turned out I’d be working for a consulting firm, which I don’t want. I’m looking forward to studying for 70-483 and if I pass, maybe another exam.

Good conversation with David Vieira on Monday. He filled me in on the workings of the political Town Committees and some of his family history as well. His energy level is remarkable!

Had a yen for hash browns and made some yesterday, one with butter, one without. Better with butter, if only because it added a little salt.

We’ve managed, barely, to keep our heads above water until Ron got his pension payments yesterday. Thank you, Cal and IA.