Sunday, but No Rest

Up at dawn. Made coffee, read the Times.

Pruned the daylilies, as planned. Did a little watering.

Stripped beds, did laundry, made beds.

Made chili and corn bread. Cooked the corn bread on the grill; ran out of gas but there was enough heat to finish it; nicely, too.

Went to Elana’s ice cream social at Polar Cave, and on the way home picked up a full tank of propane at Peter’s; he left it on the steps for us, which helped. Ron got it connected.

Went to Shaw’s for bagels and some well-priced cheese. Used the Ace $5 coupon at Eastman’s towards a valve for the outdoor shower. Nasty salesperson, spoke with the manager about him, also told him I didn’t appreciate being followed around. He argued with me, didn’t “get it”, so I gave up.

Even though the salespeople annoy me, I would spend a fortune in their gorgeous kitchenware section if I had money. So many beautiful things!

Ron attached the valve. Haven’t tried it yet. Felt like I was running the whole day from 9:30 on.

Talked with Ron about making a room or an ADU for Cathy. Hoping her relatives will man up and help her, but if they don’t, this might work. Too bad we’re not rich….