Early Autumn Bouquet

Surprised to find so many beautiful flowers in the gardens this week.

I took the horrid Avanade test this morning. Not what I expected, very little coding, a lot of questions about Patterns and SCRUM. Bias toward big company dev shops, which in retrospect makes a ton of sense.

We seem to be in good hands for our insurance renewals.

Skipped political meetings this week. Upset that David Weeden seemed to endorse Habitat. Will discuss with him at his “meet and greet”.

Intestinal distress last night. Ate too much too soon before trying to get to sleep. Up early today.

Found a whole bag of dried blueberries. Plumped up half and made muesli this morning for breakfast. Really, really good.

Forget to take meds one day this week, not sure which.

Received TMobile SIM cards yesterday.

Mowed back and front lawns yesterday. Ron has been working on the shower.