Interviews; Humidifier; Cold Weather Vegs

Had a “practice” interview yesterday and a real-time one today. The one today went well, but no joy, they turned me down. I am fried.

Holding on the phone for over 45 minutes with Cal Retirement. Ron elected a 100% survivor benefit.

Current price for the cemetery plot is over $5,000. I hope to sell it. Need to get a photo first.

I made oatmeal a frittata this morning with leftover angel hair pasta, eggs, cheese, red pepper and onion. The oatmeal cookies I made the other day are gone. We had cheese, crackers and grapes last evening.

Planted cold weather veg seeds yesterday: kale, pak choy, salad greens, radishes.

Our humidifier died, poor thing.

Peter suggested we could switch our cell carrier on the phone rather than going to the retail store. He has the SIM cards, will pick them up tomorrow.