MTR; Haircuts; Rose of Sharon; Hummers

I picked a perfect day to stand out with MTR: Paul was in a helicopter.

Great to see Occupiers and familiar MTR faces, some from Mashpee.

Sad to see Roland head to Western Mass., though.

Drove home via the coast. Numerous Open Houses.

Ron used a coupon to get a buzz cut at Great Clips. I paid the regular senior-discounted price for a trim.

The Rose of Sharon that I thought I’d murdered has flowers! Very pleased with that garden, and hoping the transplanted hibiscus take hold.

Cleaned out the wild onion, not a nice plant and was crowding some others. Pulled out a handful of the mini bee balm and trimmed off the seed heads. Trimmed the laurel in front of the second bedroom window.

The hummers have been gobbling up Ron’s syrup; hard to keep up with them.