Kousa Dogwood; Blood Donation

The dogwood that I transplanted earlier this year is suffering, and it may be due to lack of water.

My level was high enough, 14.1, so both of us donated to Cape Cod Healthcare yesterday. One of the nurses is a gardener; she encouraged me to not give up on the poor tree.

We picked up my Mashpee 9 tee and on the way back, stopped at Sprout Farm for corn and marked-down herbs. I finished making a planter of basil and mint this morning.

Ron wanted to stop at the library on the way home, so while he was browsing, I stepped in to the Mashpee School Department store, and wrote a note to a service person. Did some window shopping at Williams Sonoma on the way back.

Passed on an interview for a job in town.

Made egg salad yesterday. Haven’t done much today besides watering.