Shower; Bills

Veg gardens are way behind last year. At this point, it’s about weeding and watering.

Recently, I’ve been spending more time pulling oak shoots from the grass than weeding the gardens

The transplanted Kousa didn’t look good today, so I gave it a watering around 5 and set it up to be watered tomorrow at 7. Haven’t been paying enough attention.

We got the hardest shower wall up today. Ron cut out bigger “channels” for the water pipes and we wedged splints under the bottom front. I have no idea if it’s level or plumb; we’ll figure it out tomorrow.

Paid bills.

I don’t remember leaving the house. Cucumber sandwich and greens/cheddar/pear salad for lunch. Popcorn for supper.

Terrific concert last night by the Experimental Ensemble of Cape Cod at the Mashpee community park!