Oven Died; Tomatoes; Squash Flowers

I made a big lasagna yesterday and sliced up an eggplant for baking, but the oven had died.

Started the grill, but ran out of propane. Couldn’t budge the valve that holds the tank.

Ron was out and Tony wasn’t home. Fortunately, a nice young man from Maffei was working on the neighbor’s yard and gave me a hand.

Everything cooked perfectly on the cast iron grill plate. Maybe put off doing anything with the oven.

Gave Robert a ride home. Traffic was bad, took a couple of detours. He was very good-natured about it.

I got mad at one of his customers who cut us off on Davisville. He was embarrassed, so I texted him afterwards to explain why this was a dangerous move. He texted back, very gracious. I love that Robert Andrew to the moon. His ongoing health issues are a concern. I don’t like to write about it: superstitious.

Rained in the morning and again around 7 pm. Tomatoes have started. Squash flowers this week, too.

Lasagna for lunch; veg burgers and salad for supper.