Immigration Protests; Shower Valve

They’re scheduled for this Friday, all over the Cape. I’m not sure how much good they do as far as setting policy is concerned.

The answer to the detention/processing/holding centers is more money and major changes in immigration law. Or, I suppose, mass deportations.

I slept well last night because we kept the a/c and the fan on.

It’s hot again today. I’ve been watering since early this morning.

I’ve taken the shower valve apart three times and put it back together twice. The cold water no longer leaks, the hot water does.

I told Ron that I’m going to take it apart for the winter, since it’s impossible to drain all the water that collects in the valve, in spite of what we’ve been told. Unemployment insurance for plumbers, perhaps.

Watched a good portion of the parade in NYC for the women’s soccer team. Very impressed, the City did a great job. Nice speech by Megan.

Ron finished the front gutters. For a while, it looked like one of those projects that never end. He started work on the back this afternoon.

I returned a nice but too small plastic planter to Mahoney’s so offered to drive Robert home. He was delayed a few minutes because of last-minute customers, but traffic wasn’t bad, so we made it in good time.

I went the long way back, via Pimlico Pond Road to 130, and stopped in to Naukabout to get some info on groups.

Got the last Misfits shipment today, a day late.

Attended a nauseating meeting of the MRTC.