Carb Load; Good Meeting

Outstanding discussion/debate last night at MRTC with Roger and Phyllis. Points scored on both sides.

I went out of my mind yesterday with starch.

We got a Misfits shipment with an especially good selection: peaches, corn, eggplant, green beans, spaghetti squash, pears, English cuke, etc.

Ron got his van fixed and inspected.

Discovered that the problem that’s been plaguing me with MRS may have been due to an SMTP password that was changed. Uploaded a correction last night, fingers crossed.

Did the transfer station run yesterday and a Walmart shop. A very kind customer decided he didn’t need the last two hose connectors and gave them to us. Ron picked up his meds.

I did laundry this morning.

Completing our appointment switch this week, Ron got his teeth cleaned by my old hygienist. I thought he’d like her, and he did.