Parties; Yardwork; A Tick!

After lying on the ground for a good part of the afternoon to finish securing the garden cage, Ron discovered a tick on his arm. We put it in a bottle for testing.

We had two parties yesterday (!), Ethan and Emily’s graduation and a neighborhood potluck. Enjoyed both.

I mowed the front in the morning.

Inspected the soaker hoses and put down three, including a new one, I think it was yesterday: corner garden, roses and the “oval”.

Today, Ron fed the roses and I fed the big tomatoes.

Lilacs are spectacular. One of the nine barks has gorgeous flowers. Beach roses are great this year. The knock-down roses are about ready to bloom. The corner garden is beautiful, mostly purple. I did plant some bright yellow portulaca, for sentiment.

Transplanted the original wood geranium that was getting overwhelmed in the garden by the back stairs.

Finally painted the plywood top of the old cold frame. Ron did laundry, I changed sheets.

Had left a nice bag at the second party. Hosts were kind enough to hang it on their door so I could pick it up at noon without a lot of folderol.

Have been harvesting strawberries, picking them early and letting them ripen in the house to defeat the critters. They are very good this year!

I did a shop yesterday morning for the parties and graduation cards. Found a pasta salad mix on sale and made it for lunch: good. Our friends fed us extremely well afterwards.