Roses of Sharon; Seeds; Vehicles

I transplanted several Rose of Sharon and broke the tap root of the largest. Other gardeners have offered hope that it will survive.

Work continues on covering the original strawberry patch. Meanwhile, the second patch is ripening.

I planted squash and bean seeds two days ago and positioned a trellis yesterday.

Brought the truck to Midas for a new thermometer and oil change. They discovered a set of clipped wires under the hood; mouse?

Meanwhile, Ron, in a fit of stubbornness, broke the driver’s side door handle of his van. It’ll take 2 or more hours to fix. Cormier’s has it on their schedule for tomorrow (Friday).

I wrote a utility to add students to DotDigital. Long session with a superb tech support person yesterday.

Made lasagna and brownies yesterday. Fell asleep around 7, got up around 5 am.

Cooked and mashed a root vegetable for Ron. Egg and green salads for lunch.