Hibiscus; Seedlings; Memorial Day

A couple of days ago, we put out the big tropical Hibiscus and the tray of seedlings. I tried transplanting the nasturtiums.

The greens I planted from seed are growing very well.

Washed the poor truck this morning, and it has tree droppings all over it again. Ron washed the van in the afternoon.

Made potato salad, cole slaw and sauteed onions and peppers. Keeping busy. Nice messages from Lori and Eric.

Got a message from a fellow Cape Cod gardener around 3:30 or so, inviting us to bring home three little trees: Japanese maple, Seven Sons and a Kousa dogwood. Was pleased to get a tour of her gardens, which I’ve been hoping to do for a year. The trees are on the deck. Planning to plant the Seven Sons; she recommended waiting on the others until Fall.

My left hand has been hurting, I did something to reinjure it. Put the brace back on this morning.