Grandson Took Me To Lunch! Transplanted the Dogwood

I closed Robert’s custodial account and transferred the funds to his checking account. He took me to lunch afterwards!

I met with a biologist/hunter in the morning and with the Barnstable Republican Town Committee in the evening. Good presentation on how the Sheriff’s department works with ICE. Quick supper at Panera, and it wasn’t at all good.

The biologist/hunter burst into laughter when I shared my low opinion of a person who did me in professionally. Evidently I am not alone; far from it.

Festooned the far garden stakes with tennis balls.

I solved a vexing problem for NEPS. Of course, there are more to be solved. I hate that application.

Today, I transplanted the Kousa dogwood. Much more work than I anticipated. I broke off a couple of big roots, which is horrible.