Saturday – already?

I’ve been in heaven listening to Essentially Ellington since yesterday afternoon. Many more women this year! One brought the house down with a solo from Isfahan.

Ron did a first mow.

I’ve spread two 3 cubic foot bags of good mulch from Scenic Roots. Left a third bag in reserve.

Lots of weeding, mostly grass and a few oak seedlings/acorns.

Robert started at the bank and loves it. They love him.

Interviewed at McLane labs on Thursday. Fantastic devs.

Ron did a big shop at Star/Shaw’s. Brought home a $30 plant for the front and brought it back for a much-preferred $13 version.

We may have milkweed in two gardens. We do have a couple of asparagus.

Speaking of: Ron cooked last night: ravioli with pesto and asparagus.

Pushed code up to GitHub for Jim. Tough battle.

Sad news yesterday: one of our wild rabbits was killed and the carcass left in the neighbors’ driveway. I buried it.