Ron’s Birthday; Heavy Yardwork

Ron dug up a couple of unwanted shrubs at the top of the U. I dugout grass from the bed next to the back deck.

I fed the peonies with triple phosphate.

My truck had exhaust-related engine lights on. Brought it to Midas; Ryan suggested “Guaranteed to Pass” to clean the cat first. Picked up a bottle at Auto Zone; cool cashier! Filled the tank and the additive at Cumby.

Ron had come to Falmouth to drive me home, which turned out not to be necessary.

Turns out, the trip wasn’t wholly a lost cause for him: I talked him into a sundae at Friendly’s, and while I was at Cumby’s, he shopped at Job Lot and the Italian bakery and brought home cannoli.

It’s all a blur after that. I fixed a problem for the school admin site and talked with a recruiter about a job that might either be remote or in Renton. Got an email invite to interview for a job in Falmouth.

We skipped town meeting and fortunately, our votes weren’t needed for the articles that interested us.