Snow started around 12:30. At this hour (9:15), it’s rain, but there were local accidents in the meantime.

This rollover on 28 happened around the same time I was heading home from Falmouth.

I had an appointment with Dr. vonHaam at 2. Got there at 1:30, left around 3. By that time, roads were already slick, but I made it home okay.

Think I sorted things out with comboInk and the Babble subscription, which auto-renewed, surprise.

Ron and I moved the lamp that was in his room to the previously unlit corner of the living room.

I was able to lift the lamp up and out pretty easily, but had to cut off the plug because it was jammed behind the big bookcase in the second bedroom. Ron rewired it, and it works very well.

Practiced a little more with the guitar.