Catching Up

Billy installed the light in the second bedroom, and Ron is pleased.

Ron installed a second shelf in the new room closet and patched the hole in the attic floor.

I attended a meeting of the Mashpee Introverts and am still waiting for them to add me to their FB page.

After the Introverts, I drove to Dennis, intending to stand out with the M2R group there, but no one showed up. I messaged Paul and the group leader. Paul offered no explanation, and I haven’t heard anything else.

By good fortune, I stumbled onto a craft fair at the Dennis Senior Center and was entranced by a display of stone and silver jewelry.

I took photos of 9 necklaces and sent them to Emme to pick for her birthday. She liked the pendant style made from a blue bowling ball!

The vendor let me take the necklace with me along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. She said this has worked out well for her, since she doesn’t want to deal with credit cards or PayPal! I mailed her check today.

Today, we dropped off Bonnie’s card and birthday gift and mailed Ella’s birthday cash and card. February is a big month for birthdays: two more to go, Mike’s wife and daughter.

Did a shop at S&S and made out quite well with used produce, as well as some sale items, including veg burgers.

We did the transfer station, changed the sheets and did 2 more loads of laundry and are spending the rest of the afternoon filling out forms for the attorney.