I ran around for over 3 hours today, starting with a brief visit with the M2R standout people.

From there, I stopped in for a tour of People for Cats and their magnificent shelter. Didn’t make a connection with any of the cats which didn’t surprise me. Hope Ron might be willing to take a look.

Shopped at Walmart, Shaws and then back to Mashpee to check in at CVS for my card. Got a number to call for a replacement. Picked up a few things at Stop & Shop, including chowder for lunch.

Didn’t do anything special for supper. Ron was busy going through a huge box of paperwork. He made mulled wine, which isn’t to my liking, and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards.

Yesterday, he cleaned the coffee maker.

I had a crying breakdown yesterday after listening to a plaintive soundtrack from of all things, a video game. Talked with Cathy for a while; she helped me feel better. I was so depleted, worn out with being sick, the MRS project, money, glad to be done with the holidays.