Mechanical Geniuses

We have yet to hear from a couple of asphalt companies.  We did get one estimate of $500, which might as well be $5 million.

As far as I’m concerned, our street can stay unplowed this winter.

Yesterday, I mowed the back yard lawn at Edgewater.  The back yard has a few bumps and low spots.  Spring fix.

Nice email from Carolee and by strange synchronicity, I got an email from the Onset neighborhood association about a party being hosted by “Carolee and Rebecca”!

I went to the dentist for teeth cleaning this morning and to the senior center for wreath-making this afternoon.  Dropped in briefly to Ron’s class.

The shop vac was making strange noises, the kind that happens when the bearings need to be cleaned and oiled.

We took it apart and like idiots turned on the motor after removing it from its housing.

It skidded, gouged the table, sparked, and fell, catching itself in my slacks and one of my socks.  Fortunately, it tripped a fuse before it could damage my leg.

Groupon had a nice deal for holiday cards from Staples, so we picked out a design we liked and ordered 50.  I bought stamps for cards that are going to Canada and a gift certificate for Peter’s birthday.