Transfer Station; StudentDetail; Yardwork

Ron and I did the transfer station run and since it was getting late, we stopped at Dino’s so he could have lunch before his Fitness group.

While he was gone, I did a little yardwork; cleaned up the corner garden, planted the mum that had been hanging by the front door and replanted a portulaca that I’d raked out of the ground by mistake.

Still working on the new student detail page for MRS.

Ron did a small grocery shopping, which he loves and I hate.  We needed staples, like washing machine detergent and flour.

It was pleasant and mild today, mid-fifties, and after Ron left, I sat for a while on the deck to watch the sky.  Nice sunset.

It’s low thyroid med day, so I’m cold and tired.  My right arm is spasming, too.  Ron gave me some minerals which we hope will help.

Still no word on our inquiry about the no-plow list.  Waiting for callbacks from my doctor’s office and the town planner.