Lights; Service Center

Picked up meds at Walmart.  Cost and dosage was more than I expected and the pharmacist was quite annoyed to have to redo it, and to check to see if an online coupon would give me a better deal (it wouldn’t have).

I was damned irritated that no one asked me about insurance.  They assumed that I have coverage and wrote a prescription for a month’s worth of out of pocket med.  I hope to find out on Monday how many weeks I REALLY have to use this.

Walmart’s cash price is very competitive, though.

Ron and I put up holiday lights.  Just the large bushes next to the front steps.

I’ve been so absentminded that I forgot the holiday events I’d intended to attend last night and tonight.  Maybe just as well, given how much I hate crowds.

We made a stop at the Service Center and picked up the usual carriage full of good things, including frozen broccoli, cheese, milk, butter(!), soup and produce.  This is helping us stay afloat, enormously.

I’ve been craving – and eating – greens as if I were a goat or a cow.  Maybe the blood donation has something to do with it?

The Service Center also gave us a magnificent wreath for the front door!  I missed the cut for a DYI wreath project at the senior center, so was thrilled we got this.

I’m hoping that we’ll be done with Edgewater long before James finishes college.

Tired today.  Ron irritated me and I did the same to him.

It doesn’t help that we are both frustrated with the DPW.    Their claim that a culvert needs repair makes no sense to us.

Worse, Greg filled Ron in on why these streets are private, and it has nothing to do with their condition!

Posted a public comment to opposing the detestable National Primate Research Centers’ attempt to force airlines to transport primates for medical research.  Sadists can go to hell.

Got some SQL to work today for MRS Student Detail.