Pre-Holiday Rush

We picked up our vegan Thanksgiving meal at Whole Foods.  It looks spectacular!  Ron, who left the house without breakfast, got himself an egg and cheese English muffin sandwich.

Ron treated us to a spectacular box of pastry from Pain d’Avignon, but he wasn’t happy with the coffee selection at World Market.

Since we were in the area, though, I was able to pick up a loaf pan and a box of taffy at Christmas Tree Shop.  Ron got beer at Trader Joe’s.

We moved funds between banks to cover any unexpected shortfalls.

On the way home, I wanted to get more insecticidal soap to keep down the aphids on the hibiscus.  Mahoney’s was out, but I lucked into exactly what I wanted at Aubuchon.

As soon as we unpacked the van, Ron did a transfer station run to make room in the truck bed and got his glasses adjusted at the optical shop.  In the meantime, I harvested herbs and tied them for drying.

We headed back out to Edgewater to mow, both the back and the front yards.  We brought our mower and a gas can so we could both work.

Ron drove us to Cumby so I could fill up the truck.