Help from Betsy; Word: Mandarin; Pies; Faucets and Hoses

Ron told me yesterday that he’s been depressed “for weeks”, thinking erroneously that his mother died in November (it was October 1959) and that he was responsible for her getting cancer.

I wrote to Betsy about this.  She took time out of her very busy life to tell me that three women, including Ron’s mother, all of whom worked at the Rindge telephone office, died of cancer.  It seems likely to her that they were exposed to carcinogens from the well that supplied drinking water to that office.

Ron got a call this morning that his Williams Sonoma card had been compromised.  He was fortunate enough to get a competent person at Comity to nuke the charges and disable the account.

Our candidate kindly dropped off my “Common Sense” banner.

It occurred that we had two containers of cottage cheese, so I made two pies with it, a savory: spinach, mushroom and cheddar and a sweet: custard with raisins.

After getting Ron’s Mashpee library card squared away, I signed up for Kanopy yesterday and added the channel to our TV today.

Ron picked up on a freeze warning for tonight/tomorrow and shut off the outdoor faucets.  He was smart: he hung the hoses on a tree limb about 10 feet off the ground to drain.  I put the reel in the shed.

We were unexpectedly efficient, bringing recyclables and used clothing to the transfer station, dropping a book off at the library and moving money between my two banks to cover the mortgage on Edgewater.  Had a long (13 minute) chat with Patrice about real estate and other things.

Ron made hot toddies for us.  Kind of waste of whiskey if you ask me.