Started and Ended the Day with Lawns

bench.jpgWent to a seminar on lawns at Mahoney’s this morning. Picked up grass seed and fertilizer for the dead spots.

Drove over to Wareham for gas, thus saving almost $4, and a couple of other errands, including things for kitty.

Got back in time to mow the back and side yards – with the hand mower. Finished around 7. I didn’t want to deal with the nuisance and the noise of the electric mower, and glad for that – with the hand mower, you can feel and hear exactly what’s going on with the grass, where it’s thin, where it’s come in well.

Hadn’t realized until today how nice and level the back yard is after the grading last year. I guess that crazy man with the Bobcat knew what he was doing!

I didn’t have to rake much, left the small clippings in for mulch. The larger clippings collected on the top of the mower, and I used most of those to mulch the tomatoes. It was also easier to do the edging with the hand mower.

Broke off some lavender by mistake; cleaned it and when it’s dry, will put it in with linens.

Tried painting with metallic paint and a stencil today to dress up the switch covers. Didn’t work very well. Visited some “antique” shops in Buzzards Bay. Can’t find 3-toggle switch covers anywhere.

Someone launched a very respectable fireworks display tonight from the vicinity of Kristina Lane.

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