Stood out for two hours from 9 to 11 for John Flores.  He was there for a good hour, and graciously chatted with me the whole time.  Agreed with him on every issue I could think of.  A loss for us.

I was going to go back for “No on 1”, which passed overwhelmingly, so glad I didn’t.  It was raining and I was already cold from the morning.

Ron made supper, asparagus omelet.

We drank gin shots and watched “The Honorable Woman”.

Can’t get my head around how it is mathematically possible for the Democrats to take the House and lose seven seats in the Senate.

I’ve been looking high and low for photos from our visit to the cemeteries in Rindge.  Must have screwed up the file port when I had to change servers for The Cape Blog.  Can’t even find a blog entry.

Has given me a good opportunity to do a bunch of cleanup on Workerbee.