Pumpkin Bread; Eggplant Burgers

Did laundry, changed sheets, did the transfer station run.  Nice chat with Peter.

Baked pumpkin bread – very good – and eggplant/quinoa/sunflower seeds/Northern bean/parsley/chive/garlic burgers.  Very good as well.

Opened and drained the shower valves.  Ron had to help me with one; good thing he’s strong!

Made arrangements to visit David and Betsy.

Ordered incense.  Yesterday, I ordered a vegan Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods, $5 off.  A splurge but we agreed it was a good deal.

Planted six mums; worked until sunset; two mums to go.  Wanted to get them in today since it might rain tomorrow.  Missed some good soakings, unfortunately, but their soil was pretty wet, so I hope they’ll get established.  Looks like a mild week, temperature-wise (50’s).

Ron’s back is bothering him.