Transfer StationS; Halloween

We dropped off the old slider to the Bourne waste management facility and got rid of the yard waste in Mashpee along with an almost-full recycle container.

We shared a horrible bowl of cheddar broccoli soup at “Avocados” on Barlow’s Landing Road.  Ron ducked into Aubuchon for hardware.

Dropped off Maine Root ginger beer to iCape for Robert and crew.

Ron switched out some of the screws in the new coldframe top.

Following a warning from Bankers, I was able to get credit reports for both of us from two of the three agencies.

Put everything back into the coldframe after doing a little weeding and cleanup.

Terrible post on the SPEA FB page.  I hope the Board does something about this, but I’ll bet they won’t.

We had a few visitors for Halloween.  Not sure how many, since Ron and I raided the treats!