Gardener’s Diary – Transplants

I transplanted several bunches of Hosta from the front to the corner by the stairs.

They were pretty crowded in the old location, so I’m hoping that the change will benefit them.

I picked the plants with all-green leaves, on the theory that because they won’t receive as much sun, they need all the chlorophyll they can get.

It was hard work and frustrating because the plants were so close together, I couldn’t avoid breaking leaves.

I found some worms and put them in the compost bin, which doesn’t smell all that great, so I added more ground up leaves and will try to turn it some more tomorrow.

Finished painting the section of fence that’s been in the shed. We’re supposed to get sun on Wednesday, so I hope to assemble everything then. I changed my order with Eagle to an 8-foot length instead of 7 because of all the rotted wood that needs to be cut off the ends. Poor fence!

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