We Were Productive

We got the top – the old slider, recycled, and the wood around it was pretty much rotting away – off the cold frame and into the truck.

Ron cut a new top from the big piece of plywood we no longer needed to fix the now demolished trash barrel shed.  The cold frame bottom is okay, so, hoping for the best, he fastened hinges to the new top.

I wound up a bunch of soaker hoses and clipped gone-bys and dug up overgrown grass from the front and back of the fence.

Made thin crust pizza with my sauce for lunch.

There was a nasty plastic bag in the cold frame, and it fell apart into tiny pieces.  Horrible.  Think I got some in my left eye.

Did okay with holding down the plywood while Ron cut it, though.

I jammed one of Ron’s fingers while closing the tonneau cover, but he was okay until he poked a screw into a different finger.  Ouch.

We have a truckload of stuff to get rid of.

“Little” was here twice today!